Atari ST/STE/MegaSTE/TT/Falcon030 Diagnostic Cartridge (patched)

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Full Description:

This Diagnostic Cartridge is made for use with Atari (Mega)ST(FM)/Stacy/STE/MegaSTE/TT and Falcon 030 computers.

It contains Atari's diagnosis software for the forementioned computers and gets plugged into the cartridge port. For some tests external hardware is required which is not part of this offer.

This cartridge contains the patched TT diagnosis software as described here.
The included diagnosis software
versions are:

  • V4.4 for (Mega)ST(FM)/Stacy
  • V1.9 for 520/1040 STE
  • V1.5 for Mega STE
  • V1.6 for TT
  • V1.27b for Falcon 030 

In addition to the diagnosis software it contains:

  • URC (Ultimate Ripper Cartridge)
  • SuperMonitor

To make the Diagnostic Cartridge work for your Atari computer just set the jumpers according to the sticker, put it into the cartridge port and switch on the Atari computer.

If you use this cart on a Falcon 030 (and set the jumpers to F030) the Atari diagnosis software will scramble your RTC and NVRAM settings! Use BootConf by Uwe Seimet to set the values back to normal.

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