Massive increase in postage fees

Posted by Administrator (arne) on Jan 12 2019
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As I have just read Deutsche Post does not allow sending products (other than documents and letters anymore i.e. my electronic items) as letter anymore. This is only allowed for business customers with a minimum number of sent items. They advise private people to use DHL parcels. That would mean a massive increase from 6,20€ to almost 20,-€. For that reason I decided to shut down the shop for now. There is an ongoing online petition to push Deutsche Post to allow private persons to use the same product for sending other items as letters/documents. If Deutsche Post changes their attitude I will reopen the shop. Only possibility left for now is to use Hermes Germany. But they only provide delivery to most European countries (mainly EU countries) not USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. It would increase p&p fees from 7,-€ to 10,-€.

If you leave a comment please let me know what country you are from.

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Hi Arne By Guest on Feb 16 2019 at 4:24 PM
Hi Arne,
I bought several times on your shop and was very happy with it.
It is fine and usefull for the retro-comp community that you and few others keep on making and selling products that way.
The decision of the Deutsch Post is disappointing, I hope they will give up.
However if I understand correctly, the problem is for outside Europe only (there is a solution for Europe, but maybe not convenient for your).
Maybe you could re oppen the store for Europe only...
Please open the shop again By Guest on Aug 02 2019 at 9:18 PM
Hi, I'm from the EU. Hermes would be just fine with me. Please consider opening the shop again.

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