SmartBoard STE

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Full Description:

 SmartBoard STE extends an Atari 520STE/1040STE with:

  • one Atari Falcon 030 compatible IDE port (one channel for two devices)
  • FlashROM for 3 (up to 4 TOS/MagiC operating systems)
  • Atari Mega ST/Mega STE compatible, battery backed RTC i.e. no driver necessary


Comes with cable set as displayed.

There are mandatory items for TOS switching and optional items. You absolutely need one of the following boards:

  • TOS Switcher no-display
  • TOS Switcher MultiLED
  • TOS Switcher 7-segment display

Optional are the battery holders but if you want to make the RTC battery-backed then I suggest you pick one of them:

  • Battery holder for two AA batteries
  • Battery holder for one CR2032 coin cell
  • Battery clip only if you want to assemble your own battery holder

Installation instruction as PDF via eMail.

Software via eMail (of course for free) or on DD-Disk in the shop.


If you want to use the FDD LED to also visualise IDE accesses, then drop me a note after your order. There are quite some options:

  • use the yellow FDD LED for IDE, too
  • replace the yellow FDD LED with a red/green/purple/blue LED as a combo LED
  • replace the yellow FDD LED with a green/red LED and use one colour for FDD and the other for IDE.

For questions you can post them in the forum thread SmartBoard STE.

Never mind: I will check your order if you are missing an item and will come back to you prior to payment.

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