HD-Kit for 520/1040STE

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Full Description:

This kit enables a 520/1040 STE to access HD-Diskdrives in DD and HD mode. To make full use of it you need an Ajax FDD controller as the WD1772 in the ST is officially only rated for DD access.
Basically it is the same kit as the one for Mega ST/ST(FM) just the PCB has a different layout due to the different IC orientation of the FDD controller.
The FDC needs to be removed from the mainboard.
Up to two disk drives can be connected.
Advantages over other kits:
the HD-Disk detection level (HD = high and DD = low or vice versa) can be set via solder bridges on the bottom side of the PCB
it automatically adjusts the step-rate in HD mode so there is no need for an AUTO folder program to set it correctly
it has it's own 16MHz quartz so it does not load the Shifter's 16MHz output
If you want to format HD floppies via TOS own desktop then the HD-Cookie needs to be set. This may be achieved via an AUTO folder program. Programs like E-Copy or H-Copy don't need the cookie to be set.
Your FDD needs to provide either:
High-Level for HD-floppy and Low-Level for DD-floppy or
Low-Level for HD-floppy and High-Level for DD-floppy
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