Atari Falcon 030 RTC

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Full Description:

This is a replacement for the Dallas RealTimeClock (RTC) with internal battery.
Purpose of this circuit is to replace the built-in/soldered-in RealTimeClock DS12887. You need to remove the original RTC solder in a 24pin socket instead and put in this PCB. As the original RTC's battery gets drained after 10 years it needs to be replaced to keep time, date and other settings. A replacement DS12887 costs around 10,-€. A CR2032 battery just 0.40€. The 2-pin header is used for resetting the internal NVRAM while the 4-pin header can be used to attach some other 3V source/battery instead of the CR2032. The DS12885 used in this circuit is fully compatible with a DS12887 - just without internal battery and quartz.

You need a CR2032 battery or connect some other 3V supply to the provided pin headers.

Use either Atari's XControl ACC or zControl by Ralf Zimmermann to set time & date.

For NVRAM settings I suggest to grab BootConf by Dr. Uwe Seimet.

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